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kmg-enterprise-mobility   “Lead with Mobile” is THE Mantra of today’s enterprise mobility era. Any application that does not reach out to its audience via a mobile interface is not being conceptualized correctly. The age of accessing content over the browsers on the smart phones has passed. The smart phone toting users of today demand better interfaces & interactivity. For enterprises, it has become inevitable to develop mobile platforms first, rather than try and port limited functionality of existing systems to the smart phones. However, the platform war between Apple & Android is far from over, it is merely starting with Windows now joining the battle in a major way. Keeping that in mind, KMG has experienced teams in place for all three platforms instead of focusing on any one platform.

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The apps may be king now but the importance of a solid backend system can’t be ignored. The mobile apps bring in the glamour & usability but the onus for providing core functionality is totally on the core applications. KMG provides businesses with the right tools to stay competitive, efficient and maximize the potential of their mobile implementation.

KMG, with its technology agnostic teams servicing a broad technology spectrum, has teams that can provide end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions for any industry. These teams, comprising of industry experts as well as technical resources, can help you conceptualize, design & build your core applications along with the mobile apps. Using KMG for apps related to enterprise mobility in Insurance and Healthcare IT makes even more sense because of the company’s expertise in these two domains. Of course, plugging in new Mobile Apps into the existing backend systems is also not a problem. One of our clients, for example, has recently asked us to extend an existing COBOL-based AS400 application to an iPad interface so that their distributors can place their orders directly.


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