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kmg-healthcare-itThe use of healthcare IT is no longer an option but a necessity for providing a high quality service to the patients. The healthcare IT solutions team at KMG has proven track record in developing, integrating and maintaining complex enterprise-wide systems. We also have expertise on various healthcare technologies, processes / compliance standards (HIPAA, HL7 among others) and a highly cost-effective & proven delivery model. We provide healthcare IT services that comprise of the right tools, the right team and the right technology to elevate you to the next level of patient care and efficiency. KMG works as an extension of your IT Department to cost-effectively improve workflows, enhance and maintain existing systems as well as develop new applications. Our healthcare IT services team allows you to focus on patient care, while we take care of the rest – efficiently and cost-effectively. Our healthcare IT solutions and services are tailored to your needs. A group of industry experts helps our project managers & developers continuously upgrade their understanding of the latest regulatory changes & industry best practices. Our experienced and seasoned team of healthcare IT experts will help you deploy new technologies, define your new business processing needs and provide the resources to meet the most complex IT challenges. KMG’s endeavor is to structure an enduring partnership with our clients contributing significant value for the costs incurred.

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KMG provides solutions for:

  • Healthcare Software Development
  • Healthcare Mobile Apps Development
  • Patient Mobile Apps
  • Telemedicine Technology Solutions
  • Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Legacy Support & Legacy Modernization
  • Big Data and Sharepoint based BI Solutions
  • Testing and Q&A
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • IT Outsourcing

Helping Build the Future : Interfaces & Mobile Apps

  • Love that New Mobile App but need it to work with your EMR/PHI?
  • Disparate systems that refuse to talk to each other?
  • Want to extend a Legacy System to Web and/or Mobile Apps?
  • Want to connect to an HIE?

KMG Advantage

  • Extended technical team at short notice
  • Fixed Price projects limiting exposure
  • Fast resolution of Pending Wish Lists
  • Movement towards cutting-edge technology
  • Offshore cost arbitrage to reduce expenditure
  • Optimum Onsite presence for domain expertise
  • IT Staff Augmentation


In addition to developing Custom IT Solutions on traditional platforms & supporting legacy applications, with extensive exposure to HL7 messages and CDA standards, KMG can develop interfaces between any two applications. While the leading Health IT applications support some form of HL7 messaging (At least at the ADT level), there are a dozens of smaller or legacy EMRs and Lab Applications that require custom coding. The team at KMG can handle all such requirements with ease. Our expertise in HL7 messaging comes particularly handy for mobile initiatives. New healthcare mobile apps are being developed every day and the hospitals would love to adopt them. The main roadblock in this process is establishing a communication channel between the two systems. KMG has a proven track record in linking such applications. Of course, our Mobile Apps team can build these apps for you and our EMR teams can enhance/extend your core systems.