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Insurance Industry is Witnessing Drastic Changes with the Advent of Technology

The way insurance policies are sold these days is drastically different from how it was sold a decade back. Back in those days, consumers didn’t have the choice to compare policies, assess their risk, pay premiums online, and get customized products. But, technology has made all that possible and traditional insurers are rethinking their business models.

Digital Technology

Digital Technology is Expected to Transform the Insurance Sector – Survey

The advent of digital technology has created tremors in every other industry leading to a complete overhaul in how services are delivered. Traditional business models have been revamped to incorporate the digital element for better customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Driver Assistance

Driver Assistance and Auto Insurance – The Path Ahead

There has been a widespread acceptance of self-driving automobiles amongst not only the consumers but the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well. Driver assistance or automation in the Automotive sector is poised to change the future of transportation.

Wearable devices in Insurance

Wearable Devices and their use in the Insurance Industry

By the year 2020, the global wearable market is anticipated to reach $34 billion and that signifies the importance of these devices for consumers. In healthcare, wearables play a large role in patient engagement, vital tracking, & care outcome, while the insurance sector is yet to utilize these devices for an overall improvement in efficiency.

Digital technology in insurancwe

3 must-have digital technologies for today’s insurance agents – LifeHealthPRO

As the world moves rapidly toward internet- and mobile-based means of advertising and lead generation, the insurance industry is following suit, but perhaps more slowly than other major business categories.


Millennials Don’t Want To Buy Insurance from Local Agents [Report]

  In a study by Effective Coverage, it was found that millennials who make up the 18-29 age groups are 50% less likely to purchase home and renters insurance from a local insurance agency as compared to their parents.