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Social Media

Debunking Social Media Marketing Myths for P&C Insurers

Social media can connect you with your customers much faster than you can even think. Studies show that marketers often see an increase in website traffic by just investing a few hours per week on social networking.


How are insurers using social media to prevent fraud? – Insurance Business

Insurance fraudsters are increasingly being caught out by technology, as the story of a Florida woman caught faking an injury on CCTV showed recently. But now, sophisticated techniques to analyse policyholders’ social media networks are being employed by insurance companies to combat fakers.

Social Media Sharing

Can Insurance Premiums be Affected for Active Social Media Shares?

Recently a leading British Insurer, Admiral Insurance, announced that it would assess the behavior of auto insurance clients based on their posts on social media. Although a lot of companies use search history to recommend products to customers, not many are using tweets & posts to assess personalities for tweaking products. This scrutiny on personal data might start a discussion about privacy but eventually, organizations would analyze personal data to customize products for individual clients.

Social Media in Insurance

Insurance Agents Connect with Consumers over Social Media [Infographic]

With widespread discussions about the adoption of technology and social media to attract new customers, insurance agents are lately exploring varied channels to connect with their consumer base. Though the sector has lagged behind others when it came to grabbing the digital opportunities, a recent study by Southern States Insurance revealed rising use of social media by agents.

Life, P&C Insurers Looking To Get More Aggressive On Social Media: Moody’s

Life, P&C Insurers Looking To Get More Aggressive On Social Media: Moody’s

According to a new report, more than 8 out of 10 (80 percent) of Life and Property & Casualty insurers are looking to ramp up their social media activities in order to support their marketing efforts and reinforce their brand/ company promotion.