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With health insurance dominating the industry, people often overlook the property and casualty (P&C) insurance coverage. However, it is imperative and should be an integral part of your financial plan, especially for high-net-worth individuals.



The insurance industry has been lagging far behind when it comes to digital transformation. Yet in some ways, insurers have leapfrogged new technological hurdles, and started adapting the Internet of Things (IoT) to assess claims and reduce risks.

Social Media

Debunking Social Media Marketing Myths for P&C Insurers

Social media can connect you with your customers much faster than you can even think. Studies show that marketers often see an increase in website traffic by just investing a few hours per week on social networking.


Reverse Mortgage and Insurance – About Money

At many kitchen tables of elderly parents and their children the subject of money is a popular discussion. Usually the discussion is based around how to find more money to help with retirement in some way or to pay off debts so retirement can be more enjoyable or just happen. Along with life insurance options the reverse mortgage is often a product discussed in these conversations.


The Internet of Things: Evolution or Revolution?

  In a  recent paper by AIG and Consumer Electronics Association, on the ‘Internet of Things’, the paper highlights the  impact of internet in our day to day lives and how the connected objects form the foundation of “Internet of Things” (IoT). It’s safe to say that we are at the start of another industrial revolution. The rise of the connected objects known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will rival past technological marvels, such as the […]


Data Governance Breaks It All Down for Insurers

  There is great value to be gained from a data, as Millers Mutual Group discovered, but as the insurer learned, attempts to leverage their data always came back to the issue of granularity. Without it, trying to do predictive analytics was just too difficult.