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What do Millennials Don’t Like about Traditional Insurance

As per the US Census Bureau, millennials account for 80 million in the overall population, a sizeable proportion. The young adult generation has an equally commensurate purchasing power with estimates that this age group would spend over $200 billion in the year 2017 as per TechCrunch. Hence, these days organizations everywhere are designing their marketing strategies keeping in mind the buying potential and needs of millennials, and insurers definitely need to follow this trend. Delighting […]

mobile technology

Is your insurance agency getting the most out of mobility technology?

As of July, Pew Research Center reported roughly 64 percent of Americans owned a smartphone. More likely than not, as this decade comes to a close, there is a good chance the percentage of Americans who own smartphones will reach closer to 100 percent.

mobile technology

Mobile Technology in Insurance – Meet Changing Expectations [Infographic]

The use of mobile technology is quite rampant in every industry we can think of and its importance in the commercial insurance space has also picked up of late.


Swipe Left to Insure: How Mobility Makes Insurance More Granular – Insurance Networking

Scott Walchek has seen the future. As CEO of Trov, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s world view is one of next-generation disintermediation, and it involves putting smartphone technology in play to give the customer control over insurance for single items of their personal property. Presenting his company’s technology for the first time at the Insurance Analytics 2016 Summit in Chicago this week, Walchek told the group that the future of the insurance industry is “on-demand.”


Mobility in Insurance Industry is Key to Customer Attraction, Retention and Customer Communication

  Insurance industry has always been the laggard when it comes to technology adoption, but a recent report by the Everest Group suggests something else. The atmosphere is changing and mobility in the insurance industry is becoming more and more pervasive. A lot of players are serious about mobility in insurance, leaving no stones unturned in devising and implementing their mobility strategies to stay relevant to attract potentials customers, retain existing ones and maintain constant communication […]


Mobility in Insurance – Measuring the Mobile Performance

Mobile is becoming the primary device for data consumption and web access. And with its advancement, insurers need to invest more in mobile technologies in order to leverage multi-distribution and implementation channels.