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Technology has taken over all the industries; it has become an integral part of our life and is now the core of business. Even the most unexpected sectors that didn’t seem to be affected by technology are also adopting and seeing amazing results. Well, we are talking about the insurance industry, which still follows traditional methods and is not free from its share of challenges.

Driverless car

What Driverless Car Tech Means For Filing A Car Insurance Claim – Affordable Insurance Group

Tesla manufactures driverless vehicles. These cars operate with advanced autonomous technology, which allows them to navigate on their own. No driver is necessary.


Insurance Industry Drones Are Reaching New Heights – Dart Drones

As the business world becomes more educated and comfortable with the implementation of commercial drones, more and more industries are recommending drone training for their employees. Insurance industries across the country have started applying drones into their everyday responsibilities. From inspections to assessments, insurance industry drones are transforming the business. Take a look at the benefits of adding this tool to your company’s toolkit!


How are insurers using social media to prevent fraud? – Insurance Business

Insurance fraudsters are increasingly being caught out by technology, as the story of a Florida woman caught faking an injury on CCTV showed recently. But now, sophisticated techniques to analyse policyholders’ social media networks are being employed by insurance companies to combat fakers.

Digital claims

Property Insurers Lagging on Digital Claims Offerings – Digital Insurance

The digitalization of property insurance claims is well underway, with many large carriers leveraging drone technology, and investing in mobile apps for consumers and adjusters, with the goal of increasing efficiency in this process.


How Telematics Can Streamline the Operations of Fleet Owners

Without fleet tracking technology, operators used to spend sleepless nights thinking about the timely delivery of packages. Their concerns didn’t begin and end with just timely delivery, as they had to think about bringing efficiency in fleet operations, mainly visible through the costs involved.