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If someone had asked ten years back which industry should be the first to taste digital innovation, many would have pointed towards the insurance industry.

Impact of digital opportunities

Impact of Digital Opportunities on the Insurance Model

The insurance industry has always struggled to secure customers’ trust. Customers usually consider an insurance purchase as a burden, and not as something they want to buy. Insurance companies have neither taken any effective measures to build customer relationships, nor have they communicated insurance’s true value proposition.

Digital Technology

Digital Technology is Expected to Transform the Insurance Sector – Survey

The advent of digital technology has created tremors in every other industry leading to a complete overhaul in how services are delivered. Traditional business models have been revamped to incorporate the digital element for better customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Digital technology in insurancwe

3 must-have digital technologies for today’s insurance agents – LifeHealthPRO

As the world moves rapidly toward internet- and mobile-based means of advertising and lead generation, the insurance industry is following suit, but perhaps more slowly than other major business categories.

Global Insurers Increase Spending on Digital Technology in 2015

Global Insurers Increase Spending on Digital Technology in 2015

  2015 is going to witness immense increase in digital technology investments from insurers around the world, says EY, a leading financial services and research firm. In a recent report titled 2015: Global Insurance Outlook, EY underlines that the growth of both the property & casualty (P&C) insurance and life-annuity insurance sectors will impact the global macroeconomic conditions. EY believes that the insurance leaders will be pumping in more investments in IT sector. Some of […]