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Digital claims

Property Insurers Lagging on Digital Claims Offerings – Digital Insurance

The digitalization of property insurance claims is well underway, with many large carriers leveraging drone technology, and investing in mobile apps for consumers and adjusters, with the goal of increasing efficiency in this process.

digital insurance

The Four Pillars Of Digital Insurance – Digitalist Magazine

Digital disruption is transforming the insurance industry, and traditional insurers need to reimagine their business to survive. But saying it is one thing; doing it is an altogether tougher proposition. That’s why we’ve built a structured framework that helps insurers assess how they can move from their current position to become a digital organization. And it’s based on four key pillars.

Digital Technology

Digital Technology is Expected to Transform the Insurance Sector – Survey

The advent of digital technology has created tremors in every other industry leading to a complete overhaul in how services are delivered. Traditional business models have been revamped to incorporate the digital element for better customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Social Media in Insurance

Insurance Agents Connect with Consumers over Social Media [Infographic]

With widespread discussions about the adoption of technology and social media to attract new customers, insurance agents are lately exploring varied channels to connect with their consumer base. Though the sector has lagged behind others when it came to grabbing the digital opportunities, a recent study by Southern States Insurance revealed rising use of social media by agents.

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Connected Technologies and IoT Appeals to the Millennials: Infographic

Last month when I wanted to have my registration issue solved by the unresponsive customer service of a car rental company, I sent them multiple tweets and posted on their Facebook wall. They were non-responsive on calls & e-mails, but they responded within 24 hours to my tweets because every business wants to retain its perceived brand image. With such a power in the hands of consumers, businesses across all industries are redefining strategies to […]


Insurance Distribution Transforming At an Increasing Pace

  In a report by Accenture, it was found that a variety of well-documented, strengthening trends are causing insurance distribution to be transformed at an ever-accelerating pace.