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The insurance landscape is changing at a rapid pace. More and more insurance companies are embracing the latest technologies, be it robotic process automation or predictive analytics.


Got Insurance Queries? Ask Alexa!

A new wave of digitalisation is driven by ‘voice’ which will take the customer experience to the next level. Insurance companies have been long using emotional messaging in their marketing campaigns and continue to be one of the most reforming industries when it comes to interacting with their customers on the voice web. An Alexa skill is yet another feature being used by insurers to engage with them and build brand loyalty.

Impact of digital opportunities

Impact of Digital Opportunities on the Insurance Model

The insurance industry has always struggled to secure customers’ trust. Customers usually consider an insurance purchase as a burden, and not as something they want to buy. Insurance companies have neither taken any effective measures to build customer relationships, nor have they communicated insurance’s true value proposition.


How are Millennials Changing the way Carriers and Agents Collaborate

Tech-savvy Millennials are one group of customers who are least engaged with their insurers and prefer to buy policies online, as per a 2015 poll by Gallup. In the US, this age groups’ population dominates the market, which is a large client-base for insurers. These demographics are alarming for insurers who are now being pushed to differentiate and strategically partner with agents to satisfy the needs of this generation.

Regulatory Reporting

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting in the age of Big Data

With the rapidly transforming ecosystem, insurers are constantly concerned about compliance and reporting. Compliance executives have to be extremely careful when personal data is involved, and with big data, their responsibilities have quadrupled.

homeonwers insurance

Why Homeowners’ Insurance is important for Everyone

One might postpone or abandon the thought of buying a homeowners’ policy thinking their home would never be damaged or its contents stolen. Homeowners’, however, must remember that adversity doesn’t knock before creating havoc.