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Insurance Industry – Moving towards a Digital Age

Insurance is increasingly becoming a competitive market; hence, it comes as no surprise that insurance companies, nowadays, are harnessing new technologies to add value and create better outcomes.


Is IOT Transforming the Insurance Industry?

The insurance industry is experiencing a profound change driven by a fast-growing and innovative force – The Internet of Things (IoT).

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Insurance Going Digital – Technological Trends Impacting the Industry

A wide range of technologies is set to transform the insurance sector. Industry giants like State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide, are challenging traditional ways of buying insurance.

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Customer Centric Insurance Models Improve the Landscape

In an age where products can be delivered at your doorstep within an hour, or you can request an Uber ride instantaneously, it has become essential for companies to understand their customers’ expectations and know how technology can help them exceed those expectations. Technology trends are impacting what customers expect from insurers.


Chatbots are revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

Open a messaging app or visit a website to ask a question and you are expected to receive a response that seems a bit too robotic for a human response. Well, you are probably having a conversation with a chatbot, an artificial intelligence tool being used by a lot of businesses today.