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Digital Technology

Advanced Analytics and the Future of P&C Insurance: Infographic

A recent P&C Insurance Advanced Analytics survey conducted by Willis Towers Watson shows that insurers plan to adopt newer technology like advanced analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the coming years.


Got Insurance Queries? Ask Alexa!

A new wave of digitalisation is driven by ‘voice’ which will take the customer experience to the next level. Insurance companies have been long using emotional messaging in their marketing campaigns and continue to be one of the most reforming industries when it comes to interacting with their customers on the voice web. An Alexa skill is yet another feature being used by insurers to engage with them and build brand loyalty.


Trends to Impact the Casualty Insurance Market

The casualty insurance market is going through a time of intense change. As technological advancements and higher customer engagement redefine the marketplace, insurers remain focused on addressing challenges, increasing top-line sales and improving bottom-line profitability.

Impact of digital opportunities

Impact of Digital Opportunities on the Insurance Model

The insurance industry has always struggled to secure customers’ trust. Customers usually consider an insurance purchase as a burden, and not as something they want to buy. Insurance companies have neither taken any effective measures to build customer relationships, nor have they communicated insurance’s true value proposition.

Property and casualty insurance

Property & Casualty Insurance should not be an Option

Think about the most common types of insurance to protect your financial life. Well, the first few that may hit your mind are likely to be health, life and disability insurance and protecting your health, income and family must be at the top of your priority list. What about safeguarding your possessions and financial assets? This is where property and casualty insurance comes in the picture. It helps you protect your assets from a disaster […]

Social Media

Debunking Social Media Marketing Myths for P&C Insurers

Social media can connect you with your customers much faster than you can even think. Studies show that marketers often see an increase in website traffic by just investing a few hours per week on social networking.