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Home insurance

Steps to help you file a Home Insurance Claim – Infographic

When a disaster occurs, homeowners are devastated and clueless about the steps to follow to ensure a smooth recovery. In all the confusion, they miss out on vital measures to take for filing an insurance claim.


How Telematics Can Streamline the Operations of Fleet Owners

Without fleet tracking technology, operators used to spend sleepless nights thinking about the timely delivery of packages. Their concerns didn’t begin and end with just timely delivery, as they had to think about bringing efficiency in fleet operations, mainly visible through the costs involved.


How are Millennials Changing the way Carriers and Agents Collaborate

Tech-savvy Millennials are one group of customers who are least engaged with their insurers and prefer to buy policies online, as per a 2015 poll by Gallup. In the US, this age groups’ population dominates the market, which is a large client-base for insurers. These demographics are alarming for insurers who are now being pushed to differentiate and strategically partner with agents to satisfy the needs of this generation.


Adoption of Telematics Amongst Fleet Operators

The convenience that comes with the use of telematics to track & manage fleets has prompted scores of transportation companies to choose this technology. Insurers are also keen to ensure that fleets are employing telematics technology in their operations to prevent delays or disasters.

Auto insurance

What is Covered under your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you own a car, you have to protect your vehicle through an auto insurance policy. Generally, people buy a policy without giving much thought to what is covered, what is required and what they need. Like every other product, it’s important to make an informed decision before making the final purchase.