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Regulatory Reporting

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting in the age of Big Data

With the rapidly transforming ecosystem, insurers are constantly concerned about compliance and reporting. Compliance executives have to be extremely careful when personal data is involved, and with big data, their responsibilities have quadrupled.


Insurance Industry is Witnessing Drastic Changes with the Advent of Technology

The way insurance policies are sold these days is drastically different from how it was sold a decade back. Back in those days, consumers didn’t have the choice to compare policies, assess their risk, pay premiums online, and get customized products. But, technology has made all that possible and traditional insurers are rethinking their business models.

Drone Insurance

Do you need insurance for your drone? – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

If a drone is on your holiday shopping list, be sure to check your insurance coverage before you crack open that instruction manual and take flight.

homeonwers insurance

Why Homeowners’ Insurance is important for Everyone

One might postpone or abandon the thought of buying a homeowners’ policy thinking their home would never be damaged or its contents stolen. Homeowners’, however, must remember that adversity doesn’t knock before creating havoc.