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Home Insurance

How To Understand Your Homeowners Insurance – Angie’s List

If a catastrophe hits your home, and you’re left with nothing but the shirt on your back, you want to make certain your insurance coverage will allow you to rebuild and replace what you’ve lost.

Wearable devices in Insurance

Wearable Devices and their use in the Insurance Industry

By the year 2020, the global wearable market is anticipated to reach $34 billion and that signifies the importance of these devices for consumers. In healthcare, wearables play a large role in patient engagement, vital tracking, & care outcome, while the insurance sector is yet to utilize these devices for an overall improvement in efficiency.


What do Millennials Don’t Like about Traditional Insurance

As per the US Census Bureau, millennials account for 80 million in the overall population, a sizeable proportion. The young adult generation has an equally commensurate purchasing power with estimates that this age group would spend over $200 billion in the year 2017 as per TechCrunch. Hence, these days organizations everywhere are designing their marketing strategies keeping in mind the buying potential and needs of millennials, and insurers definitely need to follow this trend. Delighting […]

Social Media in Insurance

Insurance Agents Connect with Consumers over Social Media [Infographic]

With widespread discussions about the adoption of technology and social media to attract new customers, insurance agents are lately exploring varied channels to connect with their consumer base. Though the sector has lagged behind others when it came to grabbing the digital opportunities, a recent study by Southern States Insurance revealed rising use of social media by agents.

Homeowners Insurance

10 events homeowners insurance doesn’t always cover – AoI

If you own a home, you most likely have homeowners insurance (it’s typically required to secure a mortgage). You know your insurance policy covers your home and the possessions inside it in the event of a fire or theft, but you may not realize there are many things which are not covered by your homeowners insurance.

mobile technology

Is your insurance agency getting the most out of mobility technology?

As of July, Pew Research Center reported roughly 64 percent of Americans owned a smartphone. More likely than not, as this decade comes to a close, there is a good chance the percentage of Americans who own smartphones will reach closer to 100 percent.