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Digital technology in insurancwe

3 must-have digital technologies for today’s insurance agents – LifeHealthPRO

As the world moves rapidly toward internet- and mobile-based means of advertising and lead generation, the insurance industry is following suit, but perhaps more slowly than other major business categories.


Artificial Intelligence can transform the business of Insurers

Amongst the current wave of technological disruptions in the insurance space, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is garnering a lot of interest across the industry. As the expectations of policyholders’ rise, AI solutions are helping insurers become more responsive, adaptable and flexible. Artificial Intelligence assists insurers in automating their business processes as they aim to drive revenue, manage heaps of data or process claims faster.


Here’s how Blockchain can help the Wholesale Insurance Industry – Business Insider

Wholesale insurers deal with large or complex transactions, typically for big corporations. These transactions usually involve large numbers of participants across geographies, and claims that can reach billions of dollars. This means that the impact of poor or manual processes may be even greater for wholesale insurers than their retail counterparts.


Technology Trends taking the Insurance Sector by Storm

Insurance has never garnered much interest amongst the public for whom it is just about buying a policy to protect themselves and their property. It’s a product people mostly buy to avoid any future mishap which may or may not occur and that contingency makes it an unpopular product. Lack of product understanding, innovation & initiatives, archaic systems, product-push strategies are some of the other reasons that result in public disinterest. But, of late, the insurance […]

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Advice Echoed By Professionals – ValuePenguin

Most people will never file an insurance claim for their home. Only 5.3% of all homeowners insurance policyholders filed a claim in 2014. The chances are slim, but everyone should understand the claims process and be able to determine if they need to file a claim in the first place.


How the Tesla Crash Impacted Public Opinion about Driverless Cars

For multiple reasons driverless cars have caught the fancy of auto makers, insurers and the public. While some care for an effortless ride to their chosen destination, others believe it would reduce the number of accidents on road. But the recent crash of Tesla car during testing raised many questions about the safety of self-driving cars. Are these really safe and who shall be blamed in case there’s an accident?