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drones insurance

Insuring your drone will make your head spin – San Francisco Chronicle

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a rule last month that will make it easier to use unmanned aircraft systems — better known as drones — for commercial purposes such as aerial photography, equipment inspection and news gathering.


Drones make it easier to inspect buildings for property insurers

Those who work in the property insurance business know that inspecting buildings for underwriting and claims is not only time-consuming but also hazardous. In addition, one needs to be highly knowledgeable about buildings and its intricacies to understand the risk and calculate possible damages.

Fraud Detection

Using Data Analytics for Fraud Detection in Insurance

We all have heard multiple stories of insurance frauds where people stage the death of a family member or businesses burning down their storage facilities to file claims. Insurance fraud is a consistent worry for insurers across the globe who find it difficult to detect and prove the fraud. In the past, claim agents were responsible on their sound judgment and intuition to detect frauds.


Agent portals technology: How they’re chosen and the advantages they present

Extract: An agent portal gives companies the kind of workflow and transaction capabilities demanded by modern business. Portals support upload and download capabilities, collaboration systems, case management for complex product lines and much more.