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Home Insurance: Items not covered

  We all know the items that are generally covered under Home insurance, structure of home, personal belongings; the insurance gives you liability protection. What is generally not made clear is the details on the things not covered under Home Insurance.


Self-Driving Cars Promise a ‘Revolution,’ But Not Necessarily a Positive One – Phys.org

With self-driving car technology rapidly advancing and such vehicles already driving on city streets, the time is ripe to start talking about how they might change more than just how we get around. Self-driving cars won’t just be cool technological gadgets. They are also likely to spur profound changes to the economy and society.


Millennials and Insurance

  Millennials make up for the 25% of the population in the US, born between 1977 and 2000. They will form the major population in America, and will make 21 % of consumer discretionary purchases, which is estimated to be over a trillion dollars in direct buying power and a huge influence on older generations.


How Data Analytics Is Changing the P&C Insurance Industry

  Analytics or Data analytics has transformed the Property and Casualty Insurance industry, to get the full potential out of this data an organization needs to make major changes.


Can We Insure the Internet of Things Against Cyber Risk – MIT Technology Review

Insuring the security of connected products is hard for a simple reason: they are too new, and too little is known about the economic losses or personal injury they might cause.


Autonomous vehicles: Insurance Liability on Manufacturers

  On February 11, Paul Hemmersbaugh, the chief counsel for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sent in a  letter to Google and highlighting that the software or AI that powers the autonomous vehicle can be classified as the driver; this would mean that these self-driving cars could be treated the same way as normal cars.