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Reverse Mortgage and Insurance – About Money

At many kitchen tables of elderly parents and their children the subject of money is a popular discussion. Usually the discussion is based around how to find more money to help with retirement in some way or to pay off debts so retirement can be more enjoyable or just happen. Along with life insurance options the reverse mortgage is often a product discussed in these conversations.


Autonomous Cars Liability: A Question Getting Trickier By the Day

  With more than 90 percent of accidents each year caused by driver error, well tested, road ready safety technology will partially remove the erroneous human element of driving from the streets. With Google and the likes making claims of launching autonomous cars by 2020 there are many questions yet to be answered.


How Big Data Is Changing Insurance Forever – Forbes

The insurance industry works on the principle of risk. Customers take out policies based on their assessment of a particularly bad thing happening to them, and insurers offer them cover based on their assessment of the cost of covering any claims. So wouldn’t it benefit everyone if there was a way to more accurately assess risks? Well, it turns out that in age of Big Data there is.


Mistakes To Avoid When Filing a Home Insurance Claim

  Filling a home insurance claim can be an ordeal in itself. Insurance apart from protecting you can also help you resettle incase of a natural calamity, theft or any damage to the property.


Having a Pool in the House Could Increase Your Home Insurance

  So you plan to buy a home, with the best ocean view, a trampoline for the kids and a pool. Seems absolutely breathtaking but these add-ons will substantially increase the cost of your home insurance premium.


As Insurers See Value of Vehicle Telematics in Claims Handling, Access to Data Could Change – Claims Journal

By 2025, 104 million new cars are expected to have some form of connectivity, according to a report on telematics by Ernst & Young. Because customers have more control, telematics offers the potential for better risk management and more consumer touch points, the report stated. In addition, as insurers gain access to more detailed data they will need to develop strong partnerships with auto makers, the report noted.