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Cybersecurity Insurance: Types of Coverage – Thomson Reuters

At this point, virtually all of the major insurers offer cybersecurity insurance including, among others, Marsh McLennan, Allianze, AIG, Apogee Insurance Group, AXA, Howden Broking Group, and Chubb.


Insurance and the Internet of Things

  Internet is connecting everyone from the basic home devices to our cellphones, automobiles, and our health devices.  This phenomenon of internet of things is now allowing them to send and receive data in real time, making our lives easier.


Cyber, Property Risks Not Easily Separated – Insurance Journal

The property/casualty insurance industry must change its approach to cyber security and update its coverage approach to help minimize risks, according to a network security expert.


Smart Home Telematics

  Telematics was only heard of in the auto insurance sector, but the next level of insurance in the property and casualty insurance will be telemetry.  Product development and innovation is happening at a rapid speed and home automation is the next buzzword.


Why the US Government Is Right To Want To Register Drones – Quartz

 The drones are coming. Soon, they’re going to be delivering our packages, our medical supplies, taking our photos, walking our dogs, and potentially end up being as ubiquitous as the smartphone.


Ready Much? Smart Homes Are Here

  Technology is taking over; everything from smart TV’s to appliances to the next step of smart homes is the new reality.  Auto makers are racing to develop self-driving cars, coffee retailers are hoping you’ll use an app to order your morning coffee before you even enter the shop, and retailers hope to offer home delivery by drone in the not-too-distant future.