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Usage Based Insurance and Consumer Interest

  Usage Based Insurance is an insurance program that allows the driver to share information about the driving of the car including when, how much, and how the car is driven. This information is automatically collected and stored and is available for your insurance company to review in order to determine the eligibility for discounts on insurance premiums.Â

Is Big Data leakage the new Asbestosis: uninsurable? If so ....

Is Big Data leakage the new Asbestosis: uninsurable? If so – Computer Weekly

There is a growing gulf between those who think insurers should give discounts to those who  follow “best information security practice” (whatever that is) and underwriters who have been burned by breaches at US retailers (for example) with supposedly “mature” approaches to security. “Cyber” is now routinely deleted from mainstream theft, business continuity, libel or product, professional or director’s liability insurance and underwriter are more concerned whether the operation is at risk of a sophisticated […]


Drone technology in claims management

  Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles {UAVs}) were first developed by the defense industry and in the past couple of years there has been a widespread adoption of this technology for civilian use.  Governments are adjusting airspace regulations to accommodate drones and pioneering companies are releasing commercial UAV products.


Environmental insurance : the next big thing – Property Casualty 360

When thinking of environmental insurance, the usual suspects come to mind: companies that handle large volumes of toxic materials and firms involved in waste management. But recent natural and man-made disasters have led to significant environmental consequences for unprepared companies of all sizes and industries—construction, higher education, hospitality, technology, retail, life sciences, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, agriculture, and more. No wonder more business owners today are rethinking the need for environmental impairment liability (EIL) coverage.


Wearable Technology and Insurance

  Over the past few years, mobile devices and wearables have been passively or actively tracking a huge amount of personal data about us. Equipped with sensors from heart-rate tracking to GPS, they routinely capture all kinds of metrics and store them whether we like it or not.


What’s your mobile footprint?

Technology is moving so fast that while you’re contemplating your mobile presence, wearables are nipping at your heels. When Google adopted a “mobile-friendly” focused algorithm in April, it placed a new light on the role and importance of mobile for businesses of any size. At a minimum, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, your agency will show up far lower in search results. That would be like having a storefront office with no signage, […]