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Telematics Behind the Wheel

Telematics Behind The Wheel

  The integration of telematics technology constitutes the latest revolution for the automotive insurance industry. Telematics in general thus refers to the collection of information related to remote objects such as vehicles via telecommunication networks. The introduction of telematics technology in the context of automotive insurance is commonly referred to as usage-based insurance (UBI) or insurance telematics.


Driverless Cars to Alter Insurance?

  With the driverless cars soon to take center stage, there is a fear of privacy being violated, hackers taking over control of the car and loss of personal freedom behind the wheel. On the other side, there’s been much enthusiasm for the technology solving huge problems coming from car crashes and worsening traffic congestion and gridlock.


Can Self-Driving Cars be Programmed to Kill You?

  Imagine you are in charge of the switch on a trolley track. The express is due any minute; but as you glance down the line you see a school bus, filled with children, stalled at the level crossing. No problem; that’s why you have this switch. But on the alternate track there’s more trouble: Your child, who has come to work with you, has fallen down on the rails and can’t get up. That […]

43 percent increase-in-Agency-Sales-Using-Technology-JUNE-19

43% Increase in Agency Sales Using Technology [Report]

  Independent insurance agencies that leverage technology in sales and marketing sell 43% more policies per producer than agencies that do not, a new study from Insurance Technologies Corporation and Velocify revealed this week.


Data Leads to Safer Driving, Not Just Lower Premiums

  The value of all the data collected today by insurers is not limited to what carriers can learn about their customers; it also will enable insurers to be proactive with their insurance coverage rather than reacting to a claim.

Take Business Continuity to the Cloud

Take Business Continuity to the Cloud

Remote Backups Can Mean Faster Disaster Recovery Times. Modern IT departments are under constant pressure to implement new technologies like cloud computing that enable the business while simultaneously keeping critical data, applications and processes secure and the network running 24 x 7.