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Technological advancements in healthcare are continuously improving patient’s lives. It has had a massive impact on nearly all medical processes and also healthcare professionals.



The traditional rule that the best care can be delivered in-person may soon be overturned. Factors like shortage of medical practitioners, rising healthcare costs, and an aging population are making the conventional healthcare model increasingly unsustainable.


Importance of Data Integration and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in healthcare does not only mean technological progressions. It also includes the challenges we need to address in healthcare across all aspects, leveraging gigantic data sources along with the advanced technologies.

acute care

Mobile Technology in Acute Care: Infographic

Mobility in the healthcare sector has led to many progressive changes and helped physicians improve the level of patient satisfaction. With the adoption of mobility in healthcare, hospitals have slowly deviated towards value-based care, which is a complete overhaul from the previous pay-for-service model. As a result, acute care hospitals are also increasingly using mobile technology to benefit from the ease of connecting with patients.

Complex health data

Complex Health Data made Easy through Technology

Technology has changed every aspect of health care, from the way physicians make notes to the overall patient experience. Today, healthcare organizations are armed with more data than ever. While the vast amount of data can be daunting, it’s also incredibly valuable for healthcare facilities when it comes to improving care and cutting costs. Leveraging technology to make healthcare data more accessible can further lead to faster, more accurate decisions.

value-based pay

Humana study: Physicians warm to value-based pay models, but skepticism runs deep – Fierce Healthcare

Though significant barriers still stand in the way of the transition to value-based reimbursement, a new study offers encouraging signs that physicians are getting more comfortable with new payment models.

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