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People are often aware about the condition of their cars, more than they know about their health. They abide by their car maintenance schedules, take dashboards’ warning lights seriously and fill up the fuel tank whenever needed.


Design Thinking is Improving the Patient Experience

Technological advancements tend to grab the headlines in healthcare. Telemedicine, mHealth, electronic health records are playing a transformative force in the healthcare industry. Another innovation is the use of design thinking in health delivery.

value-based pay

Humana study: Physicians warm to value-based pay models, but skepticism runs deep – Fierce Healthcare

Though significant barriers still stand in the way of the transition to value-based reimbursement, a new study offers encouraging signs that physicians are getting more comfortable with new payment models.


mHealth Diabetes Study Proves That the Right Message Matters – mHealth Intelligence

A new mHealth study of more than 1,000 people with diabetes finds that simple text messages work better than personalized messages in promoting care management – but the same can’t be said for avoiding hospitalizations.

Online health resources

Adults use Online Health Resources instead of Primary Healthcare: Survey

A recent survey of 2,201 US adults, conducted by University of Phoenix® College of Health Professions, found that almost 59 percent of the population is choosing to use online health information sites, such as WebMD, instead of primary care. The survey also found that though online health resources are being preferred by people, other health technologies are not getting adopted at the same rate.

medical records

Challenges remain with Access and Sharing of Medical Records – Infographic

To understand the preferences of today’s healthcare consumer, Ambra Health conducted a survey which revealed that almost 1 in 3 patients can’t access medical records easily. The survey, which based its results on the response of 1,136 US adults, also found that a massive 97 percent of the population is aware of cloud technology, yet 31 percent of the respondents couldn’t easily access medical records.

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