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Let me tell you a story today. Once upon a time, there was a reputed hospital where a young physician was providing care to an old patient. This fairy-tale is, however, somewhat different than what you have heard a zillion times, and doesn’t end on the same old note; Prince Charming (the physician) saving the beautiful, woman in distress (patient).



As patients have become the key driving force of the healthcare market, providing improved patient satisfaction has become a top priority. Technology nowadays is playing a crucial role in patient journey’s success. Hence, healthcare providers are relentlessly investing in technology and finding ways to improve the patient experience.


Telehealth Services – Redefining the Healthcare Industry

Technology has reformed the way we deal with our day-to-day-matters – how we purchase goods and services, stay in touch with our family & friends, and even search for information about health issues.


Telemedicine – A New Horizon in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has seen enormous growth in the past few years – thanks to the convenience brought by technological innovations. Healthcare organizations are looking for newer technologies to engage patients, improve care and streamline workflows for providers.


The new wave of Innovation in Healthcare

Healthcare industry has witnessed an explosion of innovations in the past few decades. We live in a world where hardly a day goes by when a technological marvel goes unannounced, whether it’s the rise of telemedicine or the use of big data to examine medical scans.

Palliative care

Living with chronic disease? Palliative care can help!

Life with a serious illness can be a difficult journey – managing your symptoms and keeping to your treatment plan is hard. Multiple doctor visits, a long list of prescriptions and an emotional turmoil of hospital stay destroys the patient’s mental peace. Palliative care gives an added layer of support by providing relief from pain, physical stress, and other symptoms.

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