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The Health Information Technology (Health IT) is evolving rapidly – thanks to the digital solutions being introduced to address prominent challenges in healthcare, including lowering costs, managing large volumes of data, increasing patient engagement and improving health outcomes.

Health IT interoperability

Major Challenges remain for Health IT Interoperability – Fedscoop

The road to the seamless sharing of patient data across the digital health care spectrum is not measured in miles or meters, but in the continued collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors to build and regulate networks for the free flow of information.


Telemedicine Use Continues to be Low

We all know the challenges faced by the healthcare sector with respect to the adoption of telemedicine, at times it’s the unwillingness of physicians and then there are issues with parity laws across states. A recent survey throws light on the usage of telemedicine by patients in New York.

Telehealth regulations

Telemedicine Regulations are a top Concern amongst State Medical Boards

With telemedicine or telehealth, there continues to be a disparity in regulations across different states. While a number of states allow physicians to deliver care through telehealth, healthcare organizations face a lot of difficulty with coverage & reimbursements.


Patients are Dissatisfied with their Healthcare Experience – Survey

In this digitized era, we hear a lot of patients complaining about the efforts they have to make to connect with physicians. The entire care process drains a lot of patients as they are required to fill-up multiple forms, chase doctors, stock medical history, so on and so forth.

Telehealth and telemedicine

How do we bridge the gap between telehealth and telemedicine? – MedCityNews

Telemedicine is changing the way we receive and deliver health care. But telemedicine isn’t new. Throughout history, mankind has studied and used various forms of the service. The actions that were eventually coined telemedicine have been around for centuries, even dating back to when the people of ancient Rome sent proxies to the temples where medical care was offered if their citizens were too old or too ill to go themselves.

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