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In healthcare, patients’ data is scattered across multiple systems and not well integrated. As a result, there is poor visibility into hospital performance and, hence, difficult to foretell future demand and resource availability. Medical practitioners make critical operational decisions everyday based on gut feelings. Â


What Healthcare CIOs are scouting for to Improve Efficiency?

Health technology firms are constantly trying to figure out what exactly CIOs are concerned with when it comes to bringing efficiency in hospitals. A recent survey reveals that CIOs still find the usage of Electronic Health Records (EHR) a challenge and are looking for ways to improvise this at present.


Are Patients Convinced that Medical Information Sharing Improves Care Quality?

Through mandates and incentives, the government has successfully led healthcare organizations to digitize their operations and save every medical record electronically. But has this move benefitted patients in the way anticipated?


Non-Adherence of Medicines can be Reduced with E-Prescriptions

The benefits of HealthIT and Electronic Health Records have been proven time and again in varied studies over the last couple of years. Digital initiatives have been beneficial for both hospitals & patients in different scenarios.


Patients want to be digitally connected with their providers – Survey

CareCloud conducted an interactive online survey of 1,443 participants in the US to gain insights about their experience with healthcare providers from the initial selection process to post-treatment engagement.

Electronic Health Records

Awareness of Patients’ Rights to Access Electronic Health Records – Infographic

In an effort to raise awareness amongst patients’ about their rights to access electronic health records, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) released a series of videos last week to inform them of their rights under HIPAA. To improve patient engagement it’s vital to encourage patients to access their electronic records without which care systems wouldn’t be able to steer a two-way communication.

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