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Data Breach has impacted One in Four Patients across the US Healthcare System

As much as the healthcare sector is implementing digital technology to stay ahead in the market, there also has been a lag in ensuring data security to patients. A recent survey by Accenture has revealed that one in four patients has experienced a data breach due to technology.


Ransomware to Wreak Havoc In 2016, ICIT Study Says – Healthcare IT News

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology said ransomware is so common that it’s becoming its own economy and criminals will be increasingly targeting healthcare entities via social engineering and other tactics.


The Sick State Of Health IT Data Breaches

  In a latest report by the IndentityTheft ResourceCentre (ITRC)it was noted that there has been a total of 110 data breaches recorded through March 1, 2016, and that nearly 1.8 million records have been exposed since the beginning of the year.


1 in 3 American’s victims to Healthcare Data Breaches

  In a report by Bitglass Healthcare breach report, it was noted that one in three Americans’ healthcare records were leaked as a result of hacking and IT-related data breaches in 2015, a massive year-over-year increase.


Data Breach: 81 % of Healthcare Organizations Breached in Past Two Years [Survey]

  In a report by KPMG, it was revealed that almost 81% of healthcare organizations have had a data breach in the past 2 years and 16 % of organizations said they’re unable to tell in real time if their systems are compromised. It was noted that apart from typical financial fraud, there is also the possibility of medical insurance fraud, or, in the case of providers, attacks on computer-controlled medical devices.


Guide to Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information

  Health privacy is the practice of keeping information about a patient confidential. This involves both conversational discretion on the part of health care providers and the security of medical records.

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