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business intelligence

Importance of Business Intelligence in Healthcare

With constantly increasing healthcare data, there is a need for advanced analytics to support decision-making capabilities. As a result, care providers have started speculating about the potential role of data analytics and business intelligence to help ease the burgeoning cost on the industry.


The new wave of Innovation in Healthcare

Healthcare industry has witnessed an explosion of innovations in the past few decades. We live in a world where hardly a day goes by when a technological marvel goes unannounced, whether it’s the rise of telemedicine or the use of big data to examine medical scans.

artificial intelligence and big data

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Witness Rising Adoption in Healthcare

Silicon Valley Bank conducted a survey amongst 122 attendees, which included health tech executives and investors, during its HealthTech NYC that revealed the rising promise of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in healthcare.


Big Data: The Key to the Future

  For healthcare technology industry, big data is like a goldmine with quintillion¬†bytes of information useful to both the provider and the patient.


Two-Thirds of Healthcare Organizations Scared of Data Sharing

  In a survey by Privacy Analytics, on the State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics, it was found that data sharing and protecting privacy questioning data integrity in the environment of data sharing.


Big Data: Importance in Healthcare

  Big Data has become critical to every organization and yet its importance is being undermined. The US health care system is rapidly adopting electronic health records, which will dramatically increase the quantity of clinical data that are available electronically.

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