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Ever since the introduction of HIPAA (Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act) in 1996, the healthcare industry has become highly regulated. As a result, the industry has been relatively slow to adopt technological innovations.


Personalized medicine: Healthcare gets personal

  The general approach to medicine has been on “one size fits all” based on population averages. That’s because even the world’s best scientists and doctors don’t fully understand yet how different people develop disease and respond to treatments. This is a very traditional way of practicing medicine in healthcare and often misses the mark as each person’s genetic makeup is different and makes an important criterion on how it affects health.


25 % healthcare providers say virtual care programs have helped achieve efficiency

  In a poll by KPMG, it was noted that a quarter of healthcare providers make strides in Telemedicine/Telehealth. Three fourths of healthcare providers are still in early stages or have not embarked on virtual care program, as challenges persist. The survey was conducted on 120 individuals, who said they work for healthcare providers.


Only 7% of chronic care patients Use a Disease Management Tool

    As per a survey by Healthmine, it was noted that Digital health devices and apps may not be doing enough to help newly insured chronic care consumers. HealthMine Survey queried 500 consumers who use mobile and/or Internet-connected health applications/devices and are enrolled in a 2016 health plan.


Healthcare Organizations face an average of one cyber attack per month

  In a report by Ponemon Institute, it was noted that Healthcare cyber security needs to improve with an average cyber attack coming to cyber attack once per month. The survey, State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare Organisations 2016, was conducted on 535 IT and IT security practitioners in small- to medium-sized healthcare organizations in the U.S.


Less Than 6% of the Healthcare Budget Is Attributed To Security

1Less Than 6% of the Healthcare Budget Is Attributed To Security Whether you’re just beginning your career or are a seasoned veteran, a well-structured nursing resume will help you gain an advantage over applicants who don’t put as much time and effort into effectively marketing can help with nursing resume. An excellent nursing resume showcases your education, career progression, professional skills and significant experiences.

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