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According to a survey conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, consumers have a strong interest in virtual care and are more bullish in demanding digital health tools from their doctors, but physicians aren’t meeting demand.

Electronic medical record concept.


Healthcare consumers having easy access to online medical information serves as a key cornerstone to advance people-centric healthcare and fuel better patient engagement.

acute care

Mobile Technology in Acute Care: Infographic

Mobility in the healthcare sector has led to many progressive changes and helped physicians improve the level of patient satisfaction. With the adoption of mobility in healthcare, hospitals have slowly deviated towards value-based care, which is a complete overhaul from the previous pay-for-service model. As a result, acute care hospitals are also increasingly using mobile technology to benefit from the ease of connecting with patients.

Health technology

How Technology is Disrupting Healthcare and changing Old Processes – Infographic

The drastic technological transformation and availability of mobile devices has swept the market with numerous changes which has made lives easier. Similarly, the healthcare sector has also witnessed massive changes that has brought a disruption across health systems.


Rising Popularity of Mobile Apps in Healthcare [Infographic]

The use of mobile health apps in healthcare has risen rapidly over the last couple of years with an increased focus on value-based care. Though providers recommend their patients to use these apps for better health management, the larger population has begun to use apps on their own as well. As per estimations, mobile health would become a $26 billion industry.


What Matters to Consumers when it comes to Wearables [Infographic]

In a market flocking with innumerable varieties of wearables, Healthcare organizations are keen to assess what exactly matters to consumers when it comes to their interest in wearables. As per a recent survey conducted by Valencell and MEMS & Sensor Industry Group accuracy of data is the most vital feature in wearables for consumers and lack of continuous interesting information is one of the main reasons behind discontinuance. More than 50 percent of the population […]

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