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A digital healthcare transformation is taking place globally and it’s not a secret anymore. For some, it’s not fast enough; others feel it’s been too much too fast.

Innovation is critical to the future of healthcare and will have an immense impact on providers and patients alike.

Technology shaping the healthcare industry

Mobile and digital technologies are advancing healthcare at a great pace. The rise in mobile technologies will help to streamline process, monitor patient’s condition, and better coordinate care. Moreover, this unprecedented technological expansion will also change the way patient’s health is managed and how healthcare facilities are organized.

As per the survey conducted by Publicis Health, 48% of healthcare consumers want greater control over their decisions and seek more engaging relationships with their doctors.

Changing consumer expectations

Consumers, nowadays, are demanding more in terms of the healthcare provider and patient relationship. They expect to be treated in the same way as they are accustomed to receive services in other areas. To meet the evolving expectations, healthcare providers need to put their patient first. Moreover, they should develop products and services through a human-centric lens.

Leveraging smart technology and connected data can help provider’s understand customers’ behaviours.

Publicis Health has identified some transformative forces that healthcare companies must address. These include data activation, content strategy, intelligent services, clinical trial recruitment, sales model transformation and workflow enablement. Together, these forces ensure improved health outcomes and better customer experience.

Please follow this link to see the infographic – The 6 Forces Transforming the Future of Healthcare

Disclaimer: This infographic has been designed by Publicis Health.

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