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Technology has transformed the healthcare sector in some unimaginable ways. Medical staff and patients now have more access to health information and care options than ever before.

Tech-driven solutions like telemedicine also open healthcare to those who may not otherwise access it. Putting these tech options at patient’s fingertips mean immediate care and better health outcomes.

Access & Integration

The new patient-centric healthcare model provides access to clinics, specialized treatment, pharmacies and more through their smartphone, tablet or computer. Not just healthcare providers, but even patients can now access their medical records through a secure online portal, which ensures greater communication and improved care.

Technology gives you access to healthcare!

Telemedicine is a relatively new technology, but has all the potential of becoming mainstream soon. In rural areas where access to medical facilities is limited; this technology is quite promising. The idea is to develop patient-doctor interactions via telecommunication technology.

Instead of going to a hospital, the patient can now communicate with the doctor remotely through telemedicine. In addition, the patient can send his/her medical data like blood pressure, sugar level, etc. using his own device and set an appointment with the doctor without leaving his home. This whole virtual process is not just convenient for those living in remote areas, but can also save a lot of money.

We have listed a few more ways in which telemedicine can help patients:

  • Interactive virtual consultations allow patients to communicate with their care providers, including doctors, nurses, etc. Moreover, patients can also ask for a prescription and treatment plan, without visiting their doctor’s office.
  • Patients can now expect a 24/7 nurse consulting line; a chance to connect with your care team and more.
  • Chat options with doctors and other medical staff allow for quick and easy communication when patients are unsure whether their symptoms require immediate care, or can wait until the next day.

With telemedicine, patients can get their concerns answered quickly from doctors and other medical staff who have access to their case history.

The new patient-centered healthcare is all about patients’ involvement in their healthcare decisions, rather than something that is done to them by a physician. This makes the patients’ more responsible for their health, resulting in improved outcomes.

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