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Effective data management goes a long way when it comes to improving the performance of healthcare systems. The Duquesne University’s Online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program created the following infographic that illustrates how patient data is collected in the age of technology.

According to the research, the healthcare system in the United States generated up to 150 exabytes of data in the year 2011. Data collection tools are increasingly becoming popular, making it easier for healthcare practitioners to analyze data. When data is available in analytic format, it eliminates the possibility of missing data.

With cloud-based storage, healthcare organizations have access to real-time data. American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is continuously implementing data quality improvement strategies and believes in educating consumers about their role in ensuring the quality of healthcare data.

Healthcare data can be collected by wearable devices, mobile health apps, electronic health records, Genomics and health surveys. When handling data, healthcare data analysts use the following process – acquire key data elements, move data from transactional systems into the enterprise data warehouse (EDW), build visualization for use by clinicians, evaluate data and discover new information in the data.

Patient data is very important in the delivery of healthcare services. By 2015, 83 percent of healthcare facilities had switched to electronic health record (EHR). Healthcare practitioners are creating portals for patients to access their medical records and communicate with their care providers. The market is expected to grow by $2.74 billion.

These advancements in technology may also pose unique challenges to health practitioners.

Please follow this link to see the infographic – Patient Data in the Age of Technology

Disclaimer: This infographic has been designed by Duquesne University’s Online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program.

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