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Individuals, nowadays, are becoming more aware of their health. It is a healthcare revolution propelled by medical communities, and also enabled by innovations powering fitness technologies and wearables.

As the industry moves toward an increasingly digital presence, wearable technology has started being adapted for medical care purposes. The rapid use of wearable devices is helping make both early detection and prevention more readily attainable than ever before. 20% of Americans now own a wearable tech device.

According to research conducted by Northwestern University of Professional Studies, the wearable technology market was $72.5 million in 2015 and is expected to reach $228.3 million in 2020.

Wearables can remind you to take medication. The sensor in the device keeps a real-time record of when you took your last pills and reminds you accordingly. Besides, it can check vital signs and keep track of your blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose levels. Wearable devices can also keep a tab on the amount of calories burned during a workout.

The following infographic illustrates how wearables are revolutionizing healthcare services. As per the survey, employees who wore wearable devices have noticed a 44% decrease in sick days. Out of the surveyed ones, 56% believe that the average life expectancy increases by 10 years due to wearables monitoring vital signs.

In the next 25 years, it’s projected that wearable technology could cut hospital costs and save more than $200 billion.

Please follow this link to see the infographic – How Wearables are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Disclaimer: This infographic has been designed by Northwestern University of Professional Studies.

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