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According to a survey conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, consumers have a strong interest in virtual care and are more bullish in demanding digital health tools from their doctors, but physicians aren’t meeting demand.

Given how much we are dependant on our smartphones and tablets, it is surprising that so many physicians and other medical staff are uncertain about using similar technology for health care. While they have their own reasons for not fully embracing virtual care, they are well aware that the technology could advance the way care is delivered.

In the new physician and consumer survey, 624 US physicians and 4,530 healthcare consumers participated. One in two U.S. healthcare consumers is now using wearables and other digital tools to track their health and later sharing this information by their apps. Nearly a quarter of consumers said they had been a part of a virtual visit with a doctor or nurse. The remaining 57 percent surveyed consumers said they had never experienced virtual care, but are willing to try it.

Physicians, however, appear less enthusiastic for virtual healthcare. Only 14 percent of them have offered virtual visits, and only 18 percent of physicians are willing to incorporate the technology in the next two years. Also, many surveyed physicians are often either unable to garner data from wearable technologies or do not see the value in the data.

As per the Deloitte new physician and consumer survey, a lot of physicians worry there is a greater chance for medical error. One-third of physicians have concerns about data security. Despite these issues, a majority of physicians do concur with consumers about the impending benefits of virtual care to expand access to care, improve communication with the care team and enhance the patient experience.

Please follow this link to see the infographic – Deloitte 2018 Surveys of US Health Care Consumers and Physicians

Disclaimer: This infographic has been designed by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

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