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Digital Transformation in Healthcare – Meet the Mastermind

You must be familiar with voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, which use artificial intelligence to respond to basic queries and command. This new technology is reshaping the healthcare world. Digital technology lets researchers and physicians focus more mental energy on patient care. Artificial intelligence is predicted to take this to the next level.


Importance of Data Integration and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in healthcare does not only mean technological progressions. It also includes the challenges we need to address in healthcare across all aspects, leveraging gigantic data sources along with the advanced technologies.

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The Role of IOT in the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to hospitalization and medication costs, they are rising more than ever, and the number of people suffering from chronic conditions is also witnessing a spike. While technology can’t eradicate major ailments at once, it can at least make healthcare accessible and easier on the pocket.


Telemedicine – A New Horizon in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has seen enormous growth in the past few years – thanks to the convenience brought by technological innovations. Healthcare organizations are looking for newer technologies to engage patients, improve care and streamline workflows for providers.

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Importance of Business Intelligence in Healthcare

With constantly increasing healthcare data, there is a need for advanced analytics to support decision-making capabilities. As a result, care providers have started speculating about the potential role of data analytics and business intelligence to help ease the burgeoning cost on the industry.

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