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acute care

Mobile Technology in Acute Care: Infographic

Mobility in the healthcare sector has led to many progressive changes and helped physicians improve the level of patient satisfaction. With the adoption of mobility in healthcare, hospitals have slowly deviated towards value-based care, which is a complete overhaul from the previous pay-for-service model. As a result, acute care hospitals are also increasingly using mobile technology to benefit from the ease of connecting with patients.


Impact of Surgical Improvements on Patient Safety

In 1999, the U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report, according to which more than 90,000 people die in hospitals each year. The reason behind these deaths was considered to be medical errors. As a result, patient safety received a great deal of attention.


The new wave of Innovation in Healthcare

Healthcare industry has witnessed an explosion of innovations in the past few decades. We live in a world where hardly a day goes by when a technological marvel goes unannounced, whether it’s the rise of telemedicine or the use of big data to examine medical scans.


Online Platforms ease the process of Appointment Booking

A growing number of healthcare facilities – hospitals, clinics and physician practices; are going online to accept appointment bookings. This new trend has potential benefits for the facility and its patients.

Palliative care

Living with chronic disease? Palliative care can help!

Life with a serious illness can be a difficult journey – managing your symptoms and keeping to your treatment plan is hard. Multiple doctor visits, a long list of prescriptions and an emotional turmoil of hospital stay destroys the patient’s mental peace. Palliative care gives an added layer of support by providing relief from pain, physical stress, and other symptoms.

patient experience

8 Simple Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

Patient experience is a phrase we all have heard countless times. Today, patients expect more from their healthcare organizations than they have in the past.

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