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Data Security

Patients are Concerned about Data Security and Privacy – Survey

A new survey from AnchorFree found that 36 percent of consumers think that their health information might be accessible by wrong people. About 68 percent of the survey population fear that their personal information would be stolen and sold.

Behavioral Health

Disruptive Innovations in Global Behavioral Health Market Create Double-Digit Growth for Digital Applications – PR Newswire

The rising interest in behavioral health in an era of outcomes-oriented, value-based care has thrown the spotlight on technology developments in digital health and tech-enabled approaches. Application segments such as telehealth, virtual reality, mHealth applications and wearables are expected to post double-digit growth rates and, eventually, change the way mental disorders are diagnosed, treated and managed. Even though these segments represent a tiny share of the entire market, their growth potential is significant given their […]


How would the Healthcare landscape unfold in 2017 – Infographic

With the new administration in place, every industry is abuzz with predictions about upcoming changes. Repeal and replace for Obamacare did concern many in the healthcare industry, especially since the enrollments in the program has reached record numbers.

Rural healthcare

America Has A Rural Healthcare Crisis, Technology Can Help – HIT Consultant

As 2017 begins, around 81 percent of Americans live in urban areas, up from 79 percent in 2000. At the same time, urban and suburban areas where vacant land exists (so, not you, San Francisco) have been expanding, redefining what used to be rural. With this demographic shift comes a transition of resources and tax bases that leave rural areas and rural services, including healthcare, struggling to survive. Indeed, we can learn a lot about […]


Wearables Take Another Step Forward in Healthcare

Those wearables that are worn almost by everyone these days, at least in the millennial generation, can measure a set of vitals such as steps taken, blood pressure, sugar level, sleep patterns, calories burned etc. Usually, we associate wearables with trackers that keep a check on irregular patterns in vitals.

Health Information

HealthMine 2016 Survey Data Reveals Massive Amounts of Health Information But Little Insight – PR Newswire

According to HealthMine’s research, conducted with 2,500 consumers enrolled in health plans in 2016, plan members are missing real-time personal health insight necessary to maintain or improve their health. Bryce Williams, CEO and President of HealthMine said: “American consumers collect massive amounts of data about their health, yet there’s a huge gap between information and meaningful insights to guide individuals to the right actions to improve personal health. That gap contributes to America spending twice […]

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