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How Physician Advocacy shaped Healthcare in 2016 – AMA Wire

The evolving healthcare system requires a strong physician voice to keep it headed in the right direction. Here are a few ways that voice impacted health policy this year.¬

Digital Health

Digital Health Adoption Rose Significantly over the Last Year

These days, industry watchers are curious to know how much the digital wave is able to sway the Healthcare sector. We all know that patients were never aware or informed about the care process which was completely handled by hospitals. Digital technology changed everything and now everyone’s keeping track of their health.

Telehealth regulations

Telemedicine Regulations are a top Concern amongst State Medical Boards

With telemedicine or telehealth, there continues to be a disparity in regulations across different states. While a number of states allow physicians to deliver care through telehealth, healthcare organizations face a lot of difficulty with coverage & reimbursements.

Patient Safety

Impact of Technological Improvements on the Patient Safety Landscape

Research from recent studies has established that Healthcare IT (HIT) is substantially changing the patient safety landscape. Specifically, HIT garnered a lot of interest across the industry for lowering the instances of hospital-acquired conditions (HAC).


Patients are Dissatisfied with their Healthcare Experience – Survey

In this digitized era, we hear a lot of patients complaining about the efforts they have to make to connect with physicians. The entire care process drains a lot of patients as they are required to fill-up multiple forms, chase doctors, stock medical history, so on and so forth.

Healthcare 4.0

Healthcare 4.0: The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is a complex industry which has varied stakeholders involved such as patients, caregivers, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical firms. This industry is also restricted by stringent rules and regulations. At times, all this results in less than adequate care accorded to patients.

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