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mHealth: Then, Now and the Future

  It was about seven years ago that the first smartphone platform was launched and little did we know that it would propel the beginning of a new era in mobile computing. It has tremendously impacted our way of doing business and dealing in almost every industry -including healthcare. The technology is transforming our lives and transforming every minute. The mobile health/ mHealth industry is now being predicted to grow to nearly $12 billion by […]


Integrating EHR Use into Patient Engagement: Strategies – Patient Engagement HIT

The rise of EHR use and health technology has posed some challenges in boosting patient engagement and patient-centered care, but providers are increasingly rising to these challenges and developing strategies to overcome them.


Only 7% of chronic care patients Use a Disease Management Tool

    As per a survey by Healthmine, it was noted that Digital health devices and apps may not be doing enough to help newly insured chronic care consumers. HealthMine Survey queried 500 consumers who use mobile and/or Internet-connected health applications/devices and are enrolled in a 2016 health plan.


How to Tell If Your Healthcare App Needs To Be HIPAA Compliant

  The year 2015 saw a sudden surge in data breaches in the healthcare industry. The application development and patient data took a completely new turn and therefore came the importantce of HIPAA and the need to understand the laws around protected health information (PHI) and HIPAA compliance.


Why Chronic Disease management makes a Major Part of Healthcare Technology

  Chronic diseases are responsible for more deaths globally than all other diseases combined, according to a recent report from the World Health Organization. As per the data from the US census bureau the US population consists of more 76.4 million baby boomers.   By 2050, projections indicate the population over 65 would double at 88 million people, representing 20.9% of the population. At least 90 percent of those 65+ have one or more chronic conditions.

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