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Reimbursement for Telehealth 40 % Less Than Non Telehealth Care

  As per an examination by Private Payer Reimbursement to Primary care providers for healthcare using telehealth , US 2009-2013. Telehealth services have become a major developmental element in healthcare over the past 5 years.  Half of these telehealth-related state statutes were implemented within the last five years, and over 200 telehealth-related bills were introduced in 2015.


Mhealth Apps Have Limited Engagement beyond Traditional Media

  In a report by Commonwealth, it was noted that just 43 percent of health-related / mHealth apps available on iPhones and 27 percent of those offered on Androids “appeared likely to be useful.”  The study was conducted on 1,046 apps focused on their set target population for the engagement.


Biosensors in Healthcare

  There is a new shift in the healthcare sensors market, unlike the usual fitness sensors and consumer durables, there is now a development in the medical grade sensors market; these biosensors automatically and continuously measure clinically relevant vitals.


Wearables Bringing In a New Wave Of Changes

  As per a study by IDTechx, the wearable technology market is expected to rise from $20 billion in 2015 to close to $70 billion in 2025 led by the healthcare sector.


5 Ways Telemedicine is Transforming Healthcare

  Telemedicine has grown leaps and bounds over the past many years. Telemedicine with the use of internet, teleconferencing, media sharing and mobile technology is helping provide access to medical care to those who lack access to care or are unable to visit the physician in person.


How must mHealth App Developers Follow HIPAA Regulations?

  The Office for Civil rights clears up how mHealth app developers need to follow HIPAA regulations. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has added a list of health app use scenarios in which HIPAA regulations would apply, helping to educate mHealth app developers on how to create apps that abide by HIPAA and that protect user and patient privacy.

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