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Healthcare Technology Purchasing in 2015

  In a report by peer 60, it was revealed that healthcare providers are ready to spend billions on information technology, the survey conducted had over 950 decision-makers representing over a quarter of all hospitals in the United States.


The Final Healthcare Interoperability Roadmap

  ONC for health IT is responsible for advancing connectivity and interoperability of health information technology (health IT).


What Will It Take To Achieve True Interoperability?

  Four steps to hasten the efforts to improve health data exchange. There are two common reactions when the topic of interoperability is raised in conversation.


ICD-10 Adoption and Benefits

  October 1, got us connected to the ICD-10 system of coding for various diseases and causes of death. So technically we have over 70000 causes to get sick and/or die. But has the adoption been smooth and will it make an impact to streamline the healthcare system?


Why Unique Device Identifiers Will Soon Be Required in EHRs

  Currently there is no standard way to document which devices are implanted in patients.When a patient needs an implanted device replaced, how do clinicians identify which particular implant the person has? The answer is that they often change hats from surgeons to detectives to try to piece together that information. The initial team may have typed the information into the EHR somewhere.


Home Healthcare and the Elderly

  In 2010, there were 40.3 million people aged 65 and above, about¬†13% of the overall population. By 2050, projections indicate the population over 65 would double at 88 million people, representing¬†20.9% of the population.

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