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Final ICD-10 End-to-End Testing Week Sees 87% Success Rate

  With just over one month until the ICD-10 transition, CMS has released the latest statistics from its July ICD-10 end-to-end testing week.  Eighty-seven percent of submitted claims were accepted, mirroring results from earlier in the year.  As with previous testing events, relatively few of the claims were rejected solely based on improper ICD-10 codes.


Why Wearables Could Be the Next Game Changer for Healthcare

  We talk of wearables and the first image in the mind is that of a fitbit or a jawbone UP24 but wearbles in healthcare are much more than that and are now turning to be the game changer in the industry. Smart technology is taking over and the use of applications and wearables to monitor the specific conditions are slowly emerging.


ONC issues Guidance for Consumer-centric Telehealth Visits

  A new whitepaper from the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC ) for Health IT outlines the essential factors in a consumer-centered telehealth experience.


Associations urge for delay in Meaningful Use Stage 3

  Meaningful Use Stage 3 will only start in 2018, yet many groups are asking for a delay in the implementation of stage 3, mostly because of the changes in Medicare.


ICD 10: Leveraging an Asset

The USA is lagging behind, when it comes to ICD 10 and its time this delay ends. Even after five years of National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics recommendation to initiate the regulatory process for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS adoption, the healthcare industry is still waiting for any definitive action from the secretary, Health and Human Services. We need a healthcare system for eth future and delaying ICD 10 will only disrupt the process. The […]


Why BYOD Strategies Aren’t Enough in Healthcare Reform

  The healthcare industry has been focused on achieving three main goals. These are known as the Triple Aim of Healthcare and consist of improving patient health outcomes, enhancing the quality of care, and reducing medical costs.

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