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Telehealth Vs. mHealth

  Healthcare Technology has been a ground breaker in making life expectancy longer by allowing better diagnosis of disease, use of minimal invasive surgical procedures and improved patient care.  Many lives have been saved and many techniques have evolved which have made it easier for the physicians to provide treatment, focusing on the problem area, patient and also allowing the providers to keep a tab on the health of the patient.


Telemedicine for Intensive care patients

  In a study by US national Library of medicine, it was noted that, out of 3,235,741 admissions to an ICU, 246,151 (7.6%) met the consensus definition for chronic critical illness. The most common eligibility conditions were prolonged acute mechanical ventilation (72.0% of eligible admissions) and sepsis (63.7% of eligible admissions). The remote Intensive Care Unit (ICU) model helps in expanding the geographic range of ICU physicians, but also allows a single specialist to simultaneously […]


HealthIT could help faster action for chronic illness

  With technology and research going at a rapid speed, there are technologies in HealthIT coming up to help providers in taking prompt action even at the first sign of a problem. With diseases like  coronary disease ,parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain being at the helm of chronic illnesses, there is still scope of improvement or better management as long as the illnesses are caught at the first sign of  the problem.


A One-Midnight Rule Solves Many Problems

  The two-midnight rule was supposed to clarify Medicare criteria for admission, but it left many issues unresolved. Here’s how a one-midnight rule would work. It’s very simple and it’s easy to understand:


Will Delaying Stage 3 Meaningful Use help with MIPS?

  A delay in Stage 3 would enable the thoughtful rollout of a MIPS program that encourages technology innovation.Even as stakeholders wait for the imminent release of the final updates to Stage 3 meaningful use, there’s still widespread interest in delaying it altogether. Fueling that fire is the recent passage of legislation to overhaul the physician payment system.


Healthcare Interoperability: Persistent Unpredictability

  20 percent of preventable medical errors are caused by the lack of immediate access to health information. One of every seven primary care visits is impacted by missing medical information, revealed the survey by Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Therefore, both the government and private sector is trying to push interoperability so that systems and software can easily share and interpret data.

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