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Latest Trends and Developments in the mHealth and Point of Care (POC ) Devices

The international aid community is flooded with talks on innovations and developments in the mHealth technologies. But it seems like there’s a new major player – Point of Care (POC). In the course of 2015, the term Point of care is going to be added to the lingo of most technology professionals. A lot of industry experts also believe that POC is soon going to be the talk of the town.


Attention Providers, EHR Incentive Program Deadline Is Approaching

The last date for providers to reimburse payments from the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program is February 28.


4 Reasons Why Telemedicine Will Grow in 2015

Skip Fleshman, a partner at Asset Management and a contributor at Forbes writes that there’s a lot of excitement amongst consumers and providers to make telemedicine a reality. Fleshman says that telemedicine has the potential to transform the healthcare industry as we know it. Though the technology has been around for years, it might be the biggest trend in digital health in 2015.

Top telemedicine-issues-in-2015

3 Telemedicine Issues To Solve in 2015

Research analysts across the world are predicting that 2015 is going to witness a huge increase in telemedicine integration.

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