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Top Healthcare IT Trends and Issues for 2015

2015 is poised to be a roller-coaster year for healthcare IT industry. Let’s have a look at some of the industry forecasts for the year.


mHealth and Privacy: Top health issues for 2015

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Health Research Institute (HRI) has published a list of the top healthcare issues for 2015. A number of health IT related issues – including mHealth and Privacy concerns – have also made it in the list.


Hospital Initiatives To Improve the Patient Experience [Infographic]

A new report, The State of Patient Experience, released by the Beryl Institute reveals the complex reality facing the patient experience movement. The report also finds that there has been a positive trend and rise in efforts in terms of defining and supporting patient experience. But many healthcare leaders are not very optimistic about the impact of such efforts. As of today, only 22% of hospitals in U.S. have a Chief Experience Officer.

United States and China mHealth Initiatives

United States And China Are Heading The mHealth Revolution

The goal to improve the efficiency of healthcare systems has been the key issue across the globe. One of the most cost effective ways to address some of the most challenging healthcare problems is mobile technologies. mHealth is seen as a viable solution that includes solutions to problems like exploding costs, providing care to seniors, access in impoverished areas, and the treatment of deadly disease.

Why are your hospital readmission rates too high and how to address them

Why are your hospital readmission rates too high and how to address them

Lowering hospital readmission rates is always high priority in hospitals, whether you’re on the administrative or clinical side of operations. Lowering hospital readmission costs is in many ways crucial for hospitals to stay under budget. In case of doctors and nurses, preparing patients for their healthcare processes after being they are discharged is the mark of the truly community minded care.

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