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Digital Health

FDA poised for big changes on regulation of digital health – iMedicalApps

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a wide-ranging Digital Health Innovation Plan that will focus on cultivating discovery across the medical field.

mental health

The Role Of Telemedicine In Mental Health – Health IT Outcomes

In a given year, one in five American adults is diagnosed with a mental health disorder. And more than half (56 percent) of the U.S. adults with a mental health condition do not receive proper treatment. While there are multiple reasons and issues keeping people from receiving proper treatment today, one variable leading to this statistic is access to quality care. Consider, for example:

innovation in healthcare

Consumers think that innovation will lead to better diagnosis and treatment

Innovation in the field of mobile technology has glued consumers to their devices as they can regularly track their health and know about symptoms on the go. On the physician side, there has been some resistance to the adoption of technology. A recent survey by Klick Health revealed that consumers believe that innovation in healthcare would lead to better diagnosis and treatment.

Connectd things

Physicians’ Views on Connected Health Devices – Infographic

Connected health devices have made a major headway in the healthcare sector with physicians using these devices in day-to-day operations regularly. However, physicians aren’t completely convinced about the outcomes from these devices.


Prescribing Abortion-inducing Medication through Telemedicine: Study

For minor injuries and fever, the healthcare sector has witnessed a steady rise in adoption of telemedicine as it saves time and money. Recently, a study was conducted to see the impact on women after they were prescribed medication to induce abortion through telemedicine.

Healthcare iot

Internet of Health Things Expected to Bring Disruptive Changes in Healthcare

A recent survey from Accenture found that Internet of Health Things (IohT) has the potential to offer a significant financial advantage to providers over the next three years. However, healthcare providers and payers need to understand how best to utilize IoT in their practice to reap maximum benefits.