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Online health resources

Adults use Online Health Resources instead of Primary Healthcare: Survey

A recent survey of 2,201 US adults, conducted by University of Phoenix® College of Health Professions, found that almost 59 percent of the population is choosing to use online health information sites, such as WebMD, instead of primary care. The survey also found that though online health resources are being preferred by people, other health technologies are not getting adopted at the same rate.

Health IT interoperability

Major Challenges remain for Health IT Interoperability – Fedscoop

The road to the seamless sharing of patient data across the digital health care spectrum is not measured in miles or meters, but in the continued collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors to build and regulate networks for the free flow of information.

medical records

Challenges remain with Access and Sharing of Medical Records – Infographic

To understand the preferences of today’s healthcare consumer, Ambra Health conducted a survey which revealed that almost 1 in 3 patients can’t access medical records easily. The survey, which based its results on the response of 1,136 US adults, also found that a massive 97 percent of the population is aware of cloud technology, yet 31 percent of the respondents couldn’t easily access medical records.

Digital innovation

Hospital CEO’s say competitiveness tied to digital innovation – Healthcare Dive

Dive Brief: Three out of four healthcare leaders believe digital innovation is tied to their long-term strategy and competitiveness, according to a new survey by the American Hospital Association and AVIA. A similar share believes digital innovation must include partnering with other innovative organizations. The AHA and AVIA surveyed 317 hospital executives. Of those, 75% said digital innovation is a priority at their organization and 69% said if their health system wasn’t experimenting consistently, it was playing […]


Frequency of Reminders are low for Medicare Health Plan members

A recent survey, The HealthMine Medicare Plan Health Intelligence Survey, by the Survey Sampling International revealed that communication with health plan members under Medicare is low. Of the 500 respondents above the age of 65, only 10 percent said that their plan sends recommendations and reminders to them, although around 70 percent of them are suffering from one or more chronic condition.

bring your own device

71% of clinicians report some BYOD use allowed at their hospital – Healthcare Dive

Dive Brief: More than seven in 10 clinicians say their hospitals allow some sort of bring your own device, or BYOD, use, up from 58% in 2016, according to a new Spõk survey of 350 healthcare leaders. The chief reason cited by respondents for barring BYOD was data security. Still, 65% of doctors and 41% of nurses report using personal devices even when hospital policy prohibits BYOD.