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Mobile Health

Mobile Health Interventions have a Positive Impact on Children

Mobile health interventions have had a positive impact on care outcomes of patients in all age groups owing to a more connected and engaged relationship between patients and providers. A recent study has revealed that mobile health significantly impacts outcomes in children under the age of 18.

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Takes a Positive Turn

Over the last two years, patients have reportedly used digital health tools more and divulged information frequently to their providers, as revealed in a survey by CDW Healthcare.

patient-generated health data

Physicians Anticipated to Increasingly Use Patient-Generated Health Data in Treatments

Stats indicate that both providers and patients are increasingly using technology in healthcare. While providers are more focused on engagement & efficiency, patients use digital health to manage their health. None of the studies reveal clearly that there’s an integration of data from devices used by patients with provider systems.

Digital Technologic Tree -Computing Concept

Blockchain’s potential use cases for healthcare: hype or reality? – Healthcare IT News

At HIMSS17 on Wednesday, IEEE Computer Society and the Personal Connected Health Alliance hosted a day-long event focused on the potentially transformative promise of an intriguing innovation: Blockchain.


Data Breach has impacted One in Four Patients across the US Healthcare System

As much as the healthcare sector is implementing digital technology to stay ahead in the market, there also has been a lag in ensuring data security to patients. A recent survey by Accenture has revealed that one in four patients has experienced a data breach due to technology.

Future of Healthcare

Why The Future of Healthcare is in Cloud – Navisite

The role of IT in healthcare delivery has expanded dramatically in just the last few years bringing change to every corner of the industry. Once viewed with trepidation, cloud computing is proving to be a viable technology in healthcare, driven by healthcare as physicians, hospital administrators, and patients demand cost efficiency, access to information, disaster recovery and security.